Dining at Beaverbrook Town House

Japanese cuisine and Art Deco bar in London

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"The Japanese have a saying that for every new food we try, we gain seven days of life. I may be immortal by now."

Firoozeh Dumas

More than a mountain

The Fuji Grill

The majestic beauty of the solitary Mount Fuji has long been a revered object of worship and a rich source of artistic inspiration for the Japanese. It has also served to inspire us to name our peerless sushi bar and grill after it, and to pay our own homage with a carefully curated collection of Fuji inspired art, dominated by famous 19th-century Japanese masters, Hokusai and Hiroshige.


Sir Frank's Bar

Joyfully embracing the spirit and spectacular design of Japonisme-inspired Art Deco, Sir Frank’s Bar invites guests to reimagine Lord Beaverbrook’s colourful life in London whilst relaxing in an atmosphere of effortless elegance with their favourite tipple.