19th-Century Fuji Inspired Art

19th-century art and theatre memorabilia at our luxury hotel on Sloane Street

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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see – Edgar Degas

Our beautiful collection of 19th-century woodblock prints is inspired by the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji, and showcases the work of Japanese masters Hokusai and Hiroshiges’ series of “Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji”. The prints present a variety of masterful compositions of Fuji - sometimes viewed in the far distance above a townscape or rural scenes or through the hollow of a wave, as in the renowned print The Great Wave of Kanagawa. This style of art, known as Japonisme, was instrumental in inspiring European impressionism, and the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.

'O sleep! O gentle sleep!' William Shakespeare - Henry IV


Playhouse bedroom art - regale the stories of 14 famed London theatres.

A blend of cultural aesthetics

500 Pieces of Art

A treasure-trove of more than 500 carefully curated pieces of art fill our hotel, paying homage to both Japan’s heritage and London’s rich cultural history.
Vintage Japanese prints adorn the walls of the double level bar and restaurant area, which includes exquisite private dining space The Butterfly Room, named after its signature collection of butterflies and moths.
Bedrooms are resplendent with bespoke collections of theatre art, and the reception, lobbies, corridors and stairwells are packed with quirky images of London’s best-loved tourist attractions – creating a wonderful, historical celebration of London.

Dramatic Boudoirs fit for Thespians

London Theatres

In recognition of London’s status as a top destination for discerning tourists, we named our bedroom suites after a selection of London’s most celebrated theatres. Our beautiful boudoirs, designed to recreate the ambience of the plush velvet pleasure palaces that delighted crowds in bygone eras, brim with carefully curated posters, illustrations, vintage photography and bespoke written histories, regaling each named theatre’s fascinating story in a seamless narrative of words and pictures.