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The History of Beaverbrook – Inspired by His Lordship

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Spitfire legacy

Beaverbrook marries the luxury of now with a beguiling spirit of the past. The ethos of Lord Beaverbrook, the flamboyant former owner of our peerless country house hotel in Surrey is epitomised in our iconic Spitfire emblem. Celebrated press baron, legendary host and wartime Minister of Aircraft Production, Beaverbrook famously trebled the production of Spitfires, enabling Britain to snatch victory from the jaws of certain defeat in the pivotal Battle of Britain.


A kingmaker, powerbroker (and sometime mischief-maker), Lord Beaverbrook was a consummate politician, publicist of boundless energy, and great friend of Winston Churchill. His newspapers, the Daily Express and Sunday Express, could make or break almost anyone, and he hosted world leaders, literary greats and Hollywood stars in flamboyant style at his country abode nestled in the heart of the picturesque Surrey Hills. Our country house hotel rekindles the spirit of this bygone era of English high society at its most charismatic, with our Town House reimagining Lord Beaverbrook’s colourful life in London.